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  • Okay, Seymour -- Let's See You Do This...

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  • By the end of the Civil War, Americans came to realize the most devastating event in the history of the United States. It is estimated some 620,000 Americans were killed. Nearly everyone in the country had known someone that was killed during the war. While the Union side came to be known as the victor, both sides came away feeling devastated.

    Memorial Day was originally conceived as a day to memorialize the soldiers who lost their lives in the Civil War. It was first called "Decoration Day", in reference the decorations that were laid on tombstones, and hung from buildings.

    The first time Decoration Day was first started is not exactly known. Officially, the date is known as May 30, 1868. However, the practice of memorializing Civil War dead and decorating their graves goes back earlier.

    The earliest known evidence of such observance goes back to various women's auxiliary groups in the North and South, when ladies organized events to honor their war dead by decorating graves. The earliest recorded event took place on April 25, 1866 in Columbus, Mississippi when a group of women formed an association to decorate the graves of civil war soldiers, starting with those who died in the Battle of Shiloh.

    The towns of Macon, Georgia, Columbus, Georgia, and Richmond, Virginia all claim to be the birthplace of Decoration Day, having first celebrated it in 1866. The town of Boalsburg, Pennsylvania claims to have celebrated the first Decoration Day in 1868. Carbondale, Illinois claims to have celebrated it first on April 29, 1866. In all, some 25 cities claim to be the birthplace of Decoration Day, most of them in the South.

    • Mississippi celebrates "Confederate Memorial Day" on the last Monday in April.
    • Alabama celebrates "Confederate Memorial Day" on the fourth Monday of April
    • Georgia celebrates "Confederate Memorial Day" on April 26.
    • North and South Carolina celebrates "Confederate Memorial Day" on May 10.
    • Louisiana celebrates "Confederate Memorial Day" on June 3.
    • Tennessee celebrates "Confederate Decoration Day" on June 3.
    • Texas celebrates "Confederate Heroes Day" on January 19.
    • Virginia celebrates "Confederate Memorial Day" on the last Monday in May.

  • After numorus requests, we've put together a slideshow of Tom's annual NAM 104 tribute to those who served our country in Vietnam and never made it home. It is respectfully dedicated to all who paid the ultimate price and their families.

    Click HERE to begin the slideshow.

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